Here at Loughview, we can offer high quality and tailor-made skirting and architrave joinery services for the outer peripheral edges of your doors and rooms for a full effective finish. Through these additional joinery facilities, we are able to hide any potential joints and shrinkage between any ranges of fitted doors while additionally providing full coverage of the possibly weaker plaster that exists at the base of the wall. From pine to oak, we have an extensive and bespoke range of several skirting board profiles with matching architrave to choose from which are fully customizable with different finishing options and dimensions.


As a company who pride themselves on sustainability and quality, we are confident that our vast range of skirting profiles will add a distinctive and personalized feel to your home with multiple differentiated styles and shapes to choose from in order to meet the current needs of your site. Whether you are seeking modern or large profile, we have plenty of options to choose from in order to give your personal space a highly efficient finishing touch that will accentuate and parallel other features present within your domestic realm.


From the bottom to top of your doors, we are committed to making your room feel more impressive and stylistically in sync with the entirety of your personal space with our product ranges by completing your chosen interior look, whether that be complementing your new floor or your room at a competitive price for those fantastic and interpersonal concluding touches.