Loughview can provide a full range of timber doors, including finishes, designs and configurations. Central to our product range is pre-hung door-sets. Made bespoke to our client’s requirements, these systems have been designed to both save time and ensure a quality finish. These systems maintain several key benefits:

Reduced Installation Time

Doors are delivered to site hung in the frame, with ironmongery added. Simply offer the door to the structural opening and fix in place. No need for on-site assembly, trimming or filling. Doors can be provided fully finished or primed.

Streamlined Supply Chain

To create a door, you may need a door blank supplier, timber supplier, ironmongery supplier and glass supplier. However, buying a complete door-set streamlines the supply chain to one supplier. That’s one purchase order, one invoice and one point of contact for any technical information and support.

Consistent Quality

Operating under the quality management system ISO9001 and third party certified by the BM Trada Q-Mark scheme, Loughview are committed to ensuring a consistence of quality. Combining high quality joinery craftsmanship with modern equipment including CNC machinery and automatic moulders, Loughview can consistently produce well finished products with millimetre accuracy.

Made to Measure

Each structural opening is measured by an experienced surveyor and digitally recorded before being passed to production, ensuring all doors are manufactured for a perfect fit. This helps alleviate snags and issues on site, increasing construction efficiency.

Delivered your Way

We make every effort to ensure doors are delivered to site, when you need them and how you need them. Each door will be tagged / labelled for its position on site and carefully stacked on a pallet. These pallets are organised to ensure maximum efficiency. For housing this may be one pallet of joinery products per house, whilst commercial projects may be organised and delivered in blocks or levels.

Reduced Waste

Using digital software to design doors and create cutting lists, alongside the use of modern manufacturing equipment helps us to reduce waste product during the production process. Wastage that cannot be avoided before or during the production process, for example sawdust and minor off-cuts, is reused. Saw dust s provided to local farmers for use as animal bedding, whilst timber off-cuts are fed to our on-site furnace to heat our factory and office spaces!

Third Party Certified

O evidence the quality of our products and support our client’s needs, we have invested heavily in the testing and certification of our door-sets, leading us to achieve Q-Mark certification for Fire and Security Doors and Secured by Design approval for a number of our doorsets. This certification evidences our commitment to quality and compliance, and helps ensure that any door-sets supplied by Loughview meet both the client’s and regulatory requirements.

Our door-sets come in a full range of finishes, from natural woods and veneers, to painted and laminated. Door-sets are also available with a full range of ironmongery across hundreds of designs and finishes. Contact us for more details.